Class 'O' Phenolic Foam

    Insulation foam is a phenolic thermoset foam material for excellent fire performance. The product is tested to meet the class 'O' requirement of building regulations in accordance to BS476 part 5, 6, and 7, achieving the safest rating possible.

    Produced with a closed cell structure in excess of 90%, the phenolic foam feature assures a product with an exceptionally low thermal conductivity at k-value. The product's closed cell structure limits ay direct moisture absorption (and subsequent insulation failure), should a cold systems' vapor seal be damaged. This type of failure is a major weakness of open cell and fibrous systems.

    This product is an excellent fire safe insulation material for usage in various areas such as commercial or residential heating, air-conditioning, cold room panel, computer room flooring and building insulation and more.

    The phenolic foam is produced in blocked foam. In order to ensure absolute accuracy for the most complex shape specifications, the cutting process of the product is controlled based on the highest quality requirements. The product is available in a variety of densities of 40kg/m3, 60kg/m3 and 120kg/ m3.

Advantages of Phenolic Foam:
- Durable
- Good fire resistance
- Low 'K' value
- Easy to handle
- Very low smoke emission
- Excellent moisture resistance
- High compression strength
- Low chlorine content
- Resistance to wicking
- Resistance to wide range of chemicals