Flotex floral foam

    Flotex floral foam is of high quality, perfected for all kinds of floral arrangements. It is a unique phenolic water absorbent foam, created to be CFC free and non-combustible through continuous research. Flowers can be inserted in any angle with excellent access to water due to the homogeneous structure of fine cellular formation and the high water-absorption capacity of the foam. It grips strongly around the flower stems and refreshes the flowers, maintaining its radiance for a longer period.


Flotex Floral Foam is available in a variety of hardness for different preferences of customers:-

  • Standard ( Hardness: 23 - 26 )

  • Special Hard ( Hardness: 25 - 28 )

  • A Quality ( Hardness : 28 - 32 )

Dry foam

    Dry foam (polyurethane/PU foam) is available in two different quality and color ( green and grey) for artificial floral designs and dry flower arrangements.
A- Standard
B- Premium